Chairman, IRMA
Willie Kavanagh
Chairman, IRMA
Willie Kavanagh is the chairperson of the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA). IRMA is a non-profit making organisation set up by record companies in the Republic of Ireland, to provide members with a convenient means to discuss matters of common interest and to provide a medium to represent the Irish record industry in negotiations with Government and other parties. Generally, it operates to promote and protect the welfare and interests of the Irish record industry. Specifically, IRMA is involved in the following activities: -
  • Lobbying at industry, political, civil service, Government and EU levels to protect and enhance the interest of member companies.
  • Collecting and compiling national statistics to reflect the importance to Ireland of the music industry.
  • Fighting piracy in its every form in Ireland.
  • Managing the publication of the Irish charts through the chart company¬†OCC (Official Charts Company), ensuring that the charts are a reasonable reflection of sales and that members are supplied with a copy of same every Friday.
  • Acting as the voice of the industry at all times.